Healthcare environments need to be treated in detail. It has been shown that the more these spaces convey serenity, sense of familiarity and warmth, the more they foster a positive mood which in turn affects the humoral state of patients, helping the healing process.

We have therefore studied solutions that, other than decorating the environment, affect the hygiene of the same.


Over the years, we have found that we can support healthcare in many different ways:

  • Creating welcoming environments (physical branding)
  • Using materials suitable for continuous sanitization
  • Helping people to orient themselves in environments (wayfinding)
  • Emphasizing products in pharmacies

All this thanks to our diversified design services in the redevelopment of environments and to our service plus of in-house production and set-up

Intervention areas

Films for healthcare structures

We redevelop healthcare structures and operating rooms with 3M films, equipped of certifications and guarantees which don’t get ruined by the use of detergents, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the environments.

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The advantages of having well identified environments that allow you to orient yourself are the following:

  • Reassuring users by creating engaging spaces
  • Providing answers to potentially frustrating questions like “where do I go?”

From wall graphics to directional totems, it is possible to integrate infinite elements that fulfill this purpose.

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Physical branding

In healthcare environments, the decoration of the same affects the mood of the people who live there. This is why it is important to convey, through images, feelings of peace, welcome and safety.
Per questo è importante trasmettere, attraverso le immagini, sensazioni di serenità, accoglienza e sicurezza.


Timetables, brands, important communication: everything can be transmitted and communicated thanks to the use of decals that enrich the environments with the purpose of:

  • Differentiating the spaces
  • Creating a privacy effect
  • Communicating the brand
  • Creating an information space

Sun control e safety film

There are special films for glass that allow to redevelop even the oldest windows:

  • For light and heat control (solar control film)
  • For the safety of environments (safety film)

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For the exhibition in store we offer a range of products extremely heterogeneous and highly customizable:

  • Materials, dimensions and supports that fit every need
  • Single and double sided variants
  • Totally customizable and easily replaceable graphics, in order to facilitate andstreamline the procedures of change of look in the stores