What is the common denominator between a restaurant, a bar and a hotel? It is not the good food but the attention to detail in the presentation of the environments in order to make them functional, easy to walk, cozy and unforgettable.


general contractor of communication

The Brand can be declined in many ways within restaurants, bars and hotels.
The focus is on everything: from lighting to the arrangement of tables, to the furniture.
Our offer and our service consists of:

  • Concretely develop your brand: from the sign to the showcase, to the interior, creating the right combination of functionality and design
  • Keep up to date the communication and the advertising of the environments thanks to our production and logistic service

Intervention areas

Facade and Sign

The attraction elements for a restaurant, a bar or a hotel range from the sign, which makes the room recognizable from afar, to the decals.
Other advertising items such as totems, menu boards or flags can direct people’s focus to your offer.

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From the most refined restaurant, to franchising with the need to change the look according to sales or the seasonality of products, to the elegance of the hotel, you can intervene on the environments making them functional and attractive at the same time

Table communication

It’s possible to realize any type of table communication necessary for any stores, bars and hotels, from small counter displays to tabs, up to menu holder and menu board.

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